How do you attract the best minds, in an industry filled with bright people?

Nova Systems is Australia’s leading independent provider of engineering and management services to defence.

Over the past 6 years, we have supported Nova with their website design and build, traditional advertising, along with the design and construct of trade stands.

Our most recent challenge was to create a recruitment piece for social media (LinkedIn), which would also be used as a showcase piece at Avalon Airshow.


We knew that the variety and complexity of the projects Nova undertook would be the biggest lure to new talent. So we let a group of current Nova employees explain all this – against a background of the various aircraft that they work on.

We delved deep into the backgrounds of out talent so the limited time we had with them on the RAAF bases was put to the best use.


The film was praised by both the talent featured and the board of Nova Systems itself. This led to Hybrid creating cutdowns for each of the employees to be used on social media. And what began as a fairly simple ‘recruitment video’ has become an incredibly well received corporate/brand film.

Because this video only covers a small portion of Nova’s operations – other divisions are now lining up for their own films.

NOVA - press ad
NOVA - press ad
NOVA - press ad

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